Atlas of Cutaneous Branch Territories for the Diagnosis of Neuropathic Pain, 2020 Publication Date: September 25, 2020

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Claude J. Spicher

This atlas is the result of research involving over 3,000 patients consecutively recruited since 2004. Clinical practice gives the opportunity to observe many more Aβ axonal lesions (axonotmesis) than transections (neurotmesis), consequently the mapped hypo aesthetic territories are partial. Therefore, the authors define for each cutaneous nerve branch, the autonomous territory and the boundary markers of the largest territory of cutaneous origin. Each anatomical chart of a cutaneous branch is the superposition of tens, even hundreds of observations seen in clinical practice – based on 3,133 maps of observed cutaneous hypoaesthetic territories. The data collected has also been cross-referenced with that published in nearly 100 other anatomy books.