Childbirth Trauma

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Doumouchtsis, Stergios K

This comprehensive and authoritative text takes an integrated approach to childbirth trauma, focusing on anal sphincter injuries and perineal morbidity, as well as other lower urinary tract dysfunctions secondary to childbirth. ​In recent years there has been an increasing emphasis on childbirth injury. Research based on clinical evaluation and anal ultrasound has improved our understanding of these significant childbirth related complications, their associated morbidity and their long-term sequelae. Despite extensive research interest, clinical focus and institutional national and international guidelines, outcomes are still not optimal and debates continue. Complete with full-color illustrations, Childbirth Trauma is a useful guide for clinicians and researchers in this field.

1. Anatomy of the Female Pelvis.- 2. Anorectal Anatomy and Physiology.- 3. Epidemiology of Childbirth Trauma and Associated Pelvic Floor Disorders.- 4. The Effect of Pregnancy on the Pelvic Floor.- 5. Mode of Delivery and Perineal Trauma.- 6. Episiotomy.- 7. Types of Pelvic Floor Injury During Childbirth.- 8. Principles of Assessment of Childbirth Injury.- 9. Management of Childbirth Injury.- 10. Further Investigations and Follow-up: Pelvic Floor Trauma Ultrasound.- 11. Childbirth and Lower Urinary Tract Complications.- 12. Childbirth Trauma and Lower Gastrointestinal Tract Complications.- 13. Healing Process and Complications.- 14. Pregnancy, Puerperium and Pelvic Organ Prolapse.- 15. Obstetric Fistula.- 16. Prediction, Risk Assessment, and Prevention of Childbirth Trauma.- 17. Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy for the Prevention and Management of Childbirth Trauma.- 18. Prognosis of Childbirth Trauma.

“This original textbook tackled a very important public health problem and the authors must be congratulated for their didactic approach. Their work is exhausted and well-illustrated, and will be very useful for all practitioners involved in obstetrics, female urology, and pelvic floor rehabilitation.” (European Urology Today, Vol. 29 (4), August-September, 2017)

Stergios K. Doumouchtsis PhD, MRCOG Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, RCOG accredited Subspecialist in Urogynaecology Honorary Senior Lecturer Lead Consultant for Childbirth Injury and Pelvic Health after Childbirth Services St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust / St George’s University of London, UK

This book looks at evidence-based information on the anatomy and physiology of the female pelvis and pelvic organs. The authors bring together comprehensive topics ranging across the whole spectrum of childbirth trauma, to help the reader with the diagnosis, management and treatment of different types of traumas, including prognosis, prediction and prevention.


Childbirth Trauma is a useful resource for gynecologists, urologists, coloproctologists and physiotherapists, as well as all professionals who provide care for women in pregnancy and in labor and those who manage women with childbirth trauma

​Contains full color illustrations

Provides evidence-based clinical research

Contains a critical appraisal of the literature with opinions from expert authors