Hereditary Chorioretinal Disorders, 2020 Publication Date: January 30, 2020

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Gemmy Cheung

This volume of the retina atlas focuses on hereditary chorioretinal disorders. The topics covered include retinitis pigmentosa, Best disease, congenital X-linked retinoschisis, cone dystrophy, Stargardt’s disease, pattern dystrophy, North Carolina macular dystrophy, choroideremia, Mallattia Leventinese, Bietti’s crystalline dystrophy, and albinism. All clinical features are clearly illustrated with multimodal imaging techniques. The utility of some of the latest imaging tools such as OCT angiography, adaptive optics-scanning laser ophthalmoscopy, and microperimetery is discussed. Readers will gain valuable new insights into pathogenesis at the molecular level, which have been facilitated by recent genetic discoveries. The use of genetic testing and the latest advances in and challenges of gene therapy and cell-based therapy are also covered in detail.