High-Risk Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma

A Practical Guide for Patient Management

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Schmults, Chrysalyne D.

This book is a cutting-edge resource that provides clinicians with the up-to-date practical knowledge required in order to manage SCC patients optimally. It summarizes newly available information relating to the definition of high-risk SCC, its pathophysiologic underpinnings, and its management. New prognostic information and staging systems are summarized that enable high-risk tumors to be defined more precisely than ever before. Many helpful tips are provided on the practical management of challenging cases, including multiple tumors/field cancerization, high-risk tumors, nodal metastases, and unresectable disease. The authors are all acknowledged experts in the emerging field of high-risk and advanced SCC.​

Table of Contents


High-Risk Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Practical Guide for Patient Management




Chrysalyne D. Schmults, editor








Part I. Defining the Problem of High-risk SCC


  1. Epidemiology and Outcomes of Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Pritesh S. Karia


  1. Tumor Staging Systems and Prognostic Stratification

Anokhi Jambusaria-Pahlajani


Part II. The Science of SCC


  1. Genomics of SCC: Tumor Formation, Progression, and Future Therapeutic Implications for High-risk Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Catherine Anne Harwood, Charlotte Proby, Sarah Arron


  1. Molecular and Cellular Interplay in SCC Including Immunomodulation and Clinical Implications

Valerie Yanofsky, John A. Carucci, Günther F.L. Hofbauer


Part III. Management of High-risk SCC


  1. Management of Patients with Multiple SCCs/Field Cancerization

Sasha Jenkins Haberle, Lauren Rimoin, Myrto Georgia Trakatelli, Fiona Zwald


  1. Management of High-Risk Primary Tumors including Nodal Staging

Vishal Anil Patel, Christian L. Baum, Désirée Ratner


  1. Management of Local Recurrence and In-transit Metastasis

Vitaly Terushkin, John A. Carucci


  1. Management of Nodal Metastases

Michael Veness, Julie Howle


  1. Management of Widely Metastatic and Unresectable Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Glenn J. Hanna, Emily Stamell Ruiz, Jochen H. Lorch


  1. Immune Dysfunction and Immunosuppression: Impacts on SCC Incidence, Prognosis, and Management

Travis W. Blalock, Thomas Stasko

“This book explores the immune and epigenetic mechanisms responsible for the development of squamous cell carcinoma. … The audience is dermatologists and oncologists. … When faced with a patient with a high-risk squamous cell carcinoma, this is the reference to turn to for the most up-to-date, multidisciplinary approach.” (Patricia Wong, Doody’s Book Reviews, August, 2016)

Chrysalyne Schmults, MD, MSCE
Director, Mohs & Dermatologic Surgery Center
Brigham & Women’s Hospital
Department of Dermatology
1153 Centre St., Suite 4349
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130, USA

Only text devoted to squamous cell carcinoma of the skin with a focus on high-risk tumors that may recur or metastasize  

Summaries of new prognostic information and staging systems allowing more precise definition of high-risk tumors  

Tips on practical management of challenging cases, including multiple tumors/field cancerization, high-risk tumors, nodal metastases, and unresectable disease​