Hypothalamic-Pituitary Diseases

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Casanueva, Felipe F.

This book presents the state of the art in the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and therapy of hypothalamic and pituitary disorders. After an introduction devoted to the physiology of the neuroendocrine control of the hypothalamic-pituitary unit, the diverse disorders involving hormonal excess or deficiency are systematically addressed axis by axis. For each disorder, pathophysiology, clinical presentation, and management are discussed in detail. In addition, individual chapters focus on the neuroendocrinology of energy homeostasis and of bone metabolism, metabolic derangement secondary to pituitary dysfunction, and pituitary control of the endocrine pancreas. While the focus of the book is predominantly on pathophysiological and clinical aspects, due attention is also devoted to potential diagnostic and therapeutic innovations. The book is intended as a major reference for endocrinologists and basic and clinical scientists. 

Chapter 1 Physiology of the hypothalamus pituitary unit.- Chapter 2 Physiopathology, diagnosis and treatment of GH Deficiency.- Chapter 3 Physiopathology, diagnosis and treatment of GH hypersecretion.- Chapter 4 Physiopathology, diagnosis and treatment of Non-functioning pituitary adenomas.- Chapter 5 Craniopharyngioma and Posttreatment Pituitary Dysfunction in Brain Tumors.- Chapter 6 Physiopathology, diagnosis and treatment of Functional pituitary dysfunction.- Chapter 7 Physiopathology, diagnosis and treatment of Secondary hypothyroidism.- Chapter 8 Physiopathology, diagnosis and treatment of Secondary hyperthyroidism.- Chapter 9 Physiopathology, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Secondary Female Hypogonadism.- Chapter 10 Central hypogonadism in the male: Physiopathology, diagnosis and treatment.- Chapter 11 Physiopathology, diagnosis and treatment of Hypercortisolism.- Chapter 12 Physiopathology, diagnosis and treatment of Diabetes insipidus.- Chapter 13 Physiopathology, Diagnosis and Treatment of Inappropriate ADH Secretion and Cerebral Salt Wasting Syndrome.- Chapter 14 Physiopathology, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Hyperprolactinemia.- Chapter 15 Neuroendocrinology of Energy Homeostasis.- Chapter 16 Neuroendocrine Control of Carbohydrate Metabolism.- Chapter 17 Neuroendocrinology of Bone Metabolism

Felipe F. Casanueva is Full Professor of Medicine and Head of the Endocrine Division at the Department of Medicine, University Hospital (CHUS), Santiago de Compostela University, Spain. He is current President of the Spanish Society for Obesity (SEEDO) and Scientific Director of the Center for Biomedical Research on Obesity and Nutrition (CIBERobn). Dr. Casanueva is a past president of the Spanish Endocrine Society (SEEN), the European Federation of Endocrine Societies (now SEE), the International Society for Endocrinology (ISE), and The Pituitary Society. He holds three honorary doctorates from universities in Poland, Turkey, and Serbia. He has received various awards and honors, including the Xunta de Galicia Award for research (twice), the Spanish Society of Endocrinology’s highest award, the Rey Jaime I Award, and the International Geoffrey Harris Award in Neuroendocrinology. Dr. Casanueva has authored more than 600 papers in peer-reviewed international journals.


Ezio Ghigo is Chairman of Endocrinology and Metabolic Disease at the Medical School, University of Turin, where he was appointed Full Professor of Endocrinology and Metabolism in 1999. He has in the past served as Chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine, Dean of the School of Medicine, and Vice Rector for Health Care at the university. Dr. Ghigo has previously been Editor in Chief of the Journal of Endocrinological Investigation (2001–9), Vice President of the European Society of Endocrinology (2005–9), President of the Italian Society of Endocrinology (2009–13), and President of the SIE Foundation (FORISIE) (2013–15). He has also been a member of the editorial boards for leading journals, including Endocrinology and the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. Dr. Ghigo has received various awards and has served as chair of the program organizing committee for leading congresses in Europe and the United States. He has published more than 300 original papers, mainly as first or last author, in major international journals.

Most up-to-date research in pathophysiology, diagnosis, and therapy of hypothalamus and pituitary disorders

Considers a wide range of disorders involving hormonal excess or deficiency

Offers a major reference for endocrinologists as well as basic and clinical scientists