Interrogating Belonging for Young People in Schools

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Halse, Christine

In an era when many young people feel marginalized and excluded, this is the first comprehensive, critical account to shed new light on the trouble of ‘belonging’ and how young people in schools understand, enact and experience ‘belonging’ (and non-belonging). It traverses diverse dimensions of identity, including gender and sexuality; race, class, nation and citizenship; and place and space. Each section includes a provocative discussion by an eminent and international youth scholar of youth, and is essential reading for anyone involved with young people and schools. This book is a crucial resource and reference for sociology of education courses at all levels as well as courses in student inclusion, equity and student well-being. Chapter 1. Theories and Theorising of Belonging
PART I. Gender, Sexuality and Belonging
Chapter 2. Incidental Moments: The Paradox of Belonging in Educational Spaces
Chapter 3. Becoming and Belonging: Negotiating Non-Heteronormative Identities Online and at School
Chapter 4. Gender, Sexuality and Belonging: Beyond the Mainstream
PART II. Race, Class, Citizenship and Nation
Chapter 5. ‘I am Korean’: Contested Belonging in a ‘Multicultural’ Korea
Chapter 6. Young People on Asylum Seekers: The ‘Dirty Work’ of Boundary Making in the Politics of Belonging
Chapter 7. Privileged Bonds: Lessons of Belonging at an Elite School
Chapter 8. Spatial, Relational and Affective Understandings of Citizenship and Belonging for Young People Today: Towards a New Conceptual Framework
Chapter 9. Equality, Citizenship and Belonging: Why is Developing an Inclusive and Caring Society so Hard?.- PART III. Places and Spaces of Belonging
Chapter 10. The Formation of a Sense of Belonging: An Analysis of Young People’s Lives in Australian and Italian Rural Communities
Chapter 11. Exploring Spaces of Belonging through Analogies of ‘Family’: Perspectives and Experiences of Disengaged Young People at an Alternative School
Chapter 12. Reflecting on Belonging, Space, and Marginalised Young People
PART IV. Pedagogies of Belonging and Non-Belonging
Chapter 13. Pedagogies of Belonging in Literacy Classrooms and Beyond: What’s Holding Us Back?
Chapter 14. The Battle in Belonging: Pedagogies, Practice and Hypermasculinity in Boys’ Physical Education
Chapter 15. Belonging as Pedagogical, Practical and Political
Chapter 16. Afterword: The Trouble with Belonging… Christine Halse is Chair Professor of Intercultural Education at The Education University of Hong Kong, China, and formerly Professor and Chair of Education at Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. She researches and writes on how individual cultural identities are formed, enacted and resisted, and what this means for teachers, schools and schooling.  Draws together evidence to be the first book to critically analyse how belonging is conceptualised within schools

Emphasises the lived reality of schooling beyond pedagogical theory
Addresses intersectional difficulties to develop arguments of global interest