Medical History

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Miller, Ian

This introductory textbook presents medical history as a theoretically rich discipline, one that constantly engages with major social questions about ethics, bodies, state power, disease, public health and mental disorder. Providing both instructors and students with an account of the changing nature of medical history research since it first emerged as a distinct discipline in 19th century Germany, this essential guide covers the theoretical development of medical history and evaluates the various approaches adopted by doctors, historians and sociologists.

Synthesising historiographical material ranging from the 19th to 21st centuries, this is an ideal resource for postgraduate students from History and History of Medicine degrees taking courses on historiography, the theory of history and medical history.

Preface.- 1. History of Medical History.- 2. Disease.- 3. Mental Well-Being.- 4. Health.- 5. Eating.- 6. Global Health.- 7. Patients.- 8. The limits of medicine: ethics and technologies.- 9. Conclusion.- Notes.- Glossary.- Index. Ian Miller is Lecturer in History at Ulster University, UK

  • Explores medical history thematically rather than chronologically
  • Provides a concise but comprehensive overview of the key theoretical debates in medical history
  • Draws together historiography from Britain, America and Europe
  • Describes the importance of the field in relation to broader developments in the history of ideas and the history and philosophy of science
  • Incorporates a range of new themes including the history of emotions and food
  • Encourages readers to consider the potential uses of medical history to medical practice and historiographical debate
  • Captures the key concepts, methods and theories used to make sense of the achievements and problems associated with the development of modern western medicine

Brief summary of primary market
Postgraduate students taking historiographical medical history modules on History of Medicine degrees; Undergraduate and postgraduate students studying historiography/history and theory on History degrees.
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Academics, library sale.

Ian Miller provides an insightful and accessible guide to many of the emerging and enduring themes in the history of medicine. Medical History will be an important introduction to the field for years to come. – Martin Moore, University of Exeter, UK

In this reflexive tour de force, Miller not only provides a comprehensive overview of the most interesting topics discussed by historians of medicine over the past three decades, but also places their work in their specific historical contexts. – Hans Pols, University of Sydney, Australia

The main contribution of the book is that it focusses on the discipline of medical history as a whole and explores some of its key themes, such as disease, patients, global health, diet, and ethics. This will allow the book to become an invaluable resource for postgraduate and undergraduate teaching as well as research. – Pratik Chakrabarti, University of Manchester, UK