Nephrology 3D

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Cortadellas Rodríguez, Óscar

This book describes, in a way that greatly facilitates learning, the most relevant renal diseases in cats and dogs, with a focus on their pathophysiology and diagnosis, as well as on how they can be treated. The content not only reflects the latest advances in nephrology, but also shows the kidney in a way rarely seen in veterinary medicine. Either by navigating through the ebook or by using the QR codes in the printed version, readers will be able to view animations designed to explain the anatomy and physiology of the kidney, the pathophysiology of renal diseases, and certain surgical techniques. Videos of the most common diagnostic techniques are also included, together with many images, diagrams and 3D illustrations, which turn this book into a very useful resource. This book will undoubtedly help veterinary surgeons by providing them with very accurate scientific information; it may also be used to aid communication with pet owners. NOTAS PARA ISBN:DIG00115
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