Outlines in Orthopaedic Surgery : Surgical Outlines, 2020 Publication Date: October 29, 2019

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Valentin Antoci

Pocket-size, user-friendly roadmap to learning the basic skills of orthopaedic surgery!
Surgery requires a combination of knowledge and skill acquired through years of direct observation, mentorship, and practice. The learning curve can be steep, frustrating, and intimidating for many medical students and junior residents. Too often, books and texts that attempt to translate the art of surgery are far too comprehensive for this audience and counterproductive to learning important basic skills to succeed. Outlines in Orthopaedic Surgery by Valentin Antoci and Adam Eltorai is the orthopaedic volume in a series of textbooks that offer a simplified roadmap to surgery. The text serves as starting point for learning orthopaedic surgery techniques, with room for adding notes, details, and pearls collected during the journey.