Personalized Anaesthesia: Targeting Physiological Systems for Optimal Effect, 2020 Publication Date: February 6, 2020

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Pedro L. Gamb├║s

Personalized Anaesthesia presents a modern vision of anaesthesia. Integrating technology and knowledge from leading experts in the field, this book will change the way anaesthesia is both taught and practiced. Modern practice requires the anaesthetist to provide patient-specific management. This is the first resource to be organised by the desired physiological effect, rather than by drug groupings, explaining how physiological changes can be produced and controlled according to the characteristics of each patient and the particular surgical context. The book integrates physiology, pharmacology and technology, and applies these concepts in a systematic manner to each homeostatic system. This will optimise drug titration, effect quantification and decision making in anaesthesia practice to match the needs of the individual patient. Complex mathematical and scientific concepts are explained using accessible text, colour illustrations throughout and graphs. This is an essential text for any consultant or trainee working in anaesthesia.