Psychiatric Neuroethics: Studies in Research and Practice , 2019 Publication Date: February 20, 2019

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Walter Glannon

Advances in psychiatric research and clinical psychiatry in the last 30 years have given rise to a host of new questions that lie at the intersection of psychiatry, neuroscience, philosophy and law. Such questions include:
-Are psychiatric disorders diseases of the brain, caused by dysfunctional neural circuits and neurotransmitters?
-What role do genes, neuro-endocrine, neuro-immune interactions and the environment play in the development of these disorders?
-How do different explanations of the etiology and pathophysiology of mental illness influence diagnosis, prognosis and decisions about treatment?
-Would it be rational for a person with a chronic treatment-resistant disorder to request euthanasia or assisted suicide to end their suffering?
-Could psychiatric disorders be predicted and prevented?