Rethinking Rhinoplasty and Facial Surgery: A Structural Anatomic Re-Analysis of the Face and Nose and Their Role in Aesthetics, Airway, and Sleep, 2020 Publication Date: June 26, 2020

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Howard D. Stupak

This volume presents a novel logic-based, simplified understanding and approach to the external nose and face for aesthetics, airway, and sleep treatments that have mostly been under-recognized in the past. Key features of the text include an engineer’s approach to simple rhinoplasty, (Release, Resize, Reposition, Reinforce) instead of the typical step-wise procedure algorithm. It also includes a logical explanation of how facial skeletal anatomy is the true cause of sleep apnea and aesthetic deformity with the physics and evidence of how this works, and a review of conventional rhinoplasty/facial structural treatments, with an analysis of why these are flawed and need improvement. Finally, rhinoplasty surgical strategy is discussed using a Rhinoplasty Compass(TM) diagram.