Simplified Regenerative Procedures for Intraosseous Defects, 2020 Publication Date: April 1, 1920

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Leonardo Trombelli

The treatment of deep intraosseous lesions still represents a challenge for clinicians.
Therefore, the purpose of this textbook is to present simplified procedures that can be
used to treat even the most difficult clinical scenarios. Both surgical and nonsurgical
regenerative treatment options are presented and discussed in great detail, including types
of instruments and regenerative materials to use, patient and defect evaluation, and stepby-stop protocols for various evidence-based procedures. Detailed clinical photographs and
radiographs accompany each discussion to demonstrate the ideal initial situation for each
method and the impressive results that can be achieved by following it. A significant portion
of the book is devoted to the single-flap approach, a technique developed and refined by the
authors over many years to simplify surgical treatment while providing the best results for
the patient.