Single-Tooth Implant, 2020 Publication Date: October 1, 2019

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Dennis P Tarnow

The replacement of the single tooth with a dental implant is one of the most common clinical situations practitioners face on a daily basis. While in the past sockets were left untouched for months after tooth extraction before attending to the residual ridge, today it is possible to perform one surgery, one time, which is a huge benefit to both the patient and clinician alike. Written by two world-class masters, this book begins with a discussion of the history and rationale for anterior and posterior single-tooth implants, and then it walks the reader through the three types of sockets-type 1, type 2, and type 3-and their various indications and limitations. An entire chapter is devoted to clinical management of posterior teeth, followed by a chapter on cementation and impression-making techniques and complications. The final chapter is a clinical case appendix detailing 11 cases of single-tooth replacement in all types of sockets previously described. The protocols showcased in this book will make patient care faster, easier, simpler, more predictable, and, in many cases, less costly. 1,117 illustrations Contents 1. History and Rationale for Anterior and Posterior Single-Tooth Implants 2. Management of Type 1 Extraction Sockets 3. Management of Type 2 Extraction Sockets 4. Management of Type 3 Extraction Sockets 5. Clinical Management of Posterior Teeth 6. Important Considerations in Implant Dentistry 7. Clinical Case Appendix