The Mediastinal Mass

A Multidisciplinary Approach

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Franco, Renato

Tumors of the mediastinum are usually diagnosed in young patients, but they can develop at any age and form any tissue that exists in or passes through the chest cavity. The diagnosis and the accurate assessment of the mediastinum masses represents a challenge, given their clinical variability from asymptomatic to producing symptoms of cough, chest pain, and dyspnea. Mediastinal tumors encompass a wide range of various neoplasms. The localization of mediastinal masses is critical in the diagnosis: the anterior mediastinal masses are generally thymomas, teratomas, substernal thyroid/parathyroid tissue, or lymphomas; the middle mediastinum massess are typically pericardial and bronchogenic cysts; the posterior mediastinum  masses are often neurogenic tumors and esophageal cysts. The wide variety of different entities demonstrates a heterogeneous spectrum of clinical and pathologic features, suggesting that a uniform “standard” management of these patients is not appropriate.   
In this context, the proposed book will provide a comprehensive review of the mediastinal tumors according to different sites of the diseases, including the masses of anterior, middle and posterior mediastinum. The handling of these tumors requires a multidisciplinary approach due to the complex anatomy of the mediastinum as well as the different clinical, radiographic, and prognostic features. This book has risen from the desire to provide to the specialists in the field an easy, updated and practical guidelines title to facilitate the clinical practice of mediastinic masses. This book will be a comprehensive guide to clinical best practices developed through the opinions of experts in the field.

Introduction: Epidemiology, Mediastinal Anatomy, Mediastinal Masses.- Clinical Approach: Recommendations for the Clinicians.- Mediastinal Masses: Radiological Point of View.- Radiotherapy in Anterior Mediastinum Cancers.- Surgery: Reccomandations for Surgeons.- Diagnostic Histopathology Approach.- Thymic Tumors and Lymphomas: The Clinical Impact of their Underlying Molecular Features.- Therapy: Recommendations for the Oncologists.- Thymic Neoplasm.- Primitive Mediastinal Germ Cell Tumors: An Update.- Thyroid.- Parathyroid.- Mediastinal Lymphoma.- Granulomatous  Disease.- Cysts of The Middle Mediastinum.- Tracheal Tumors.- Nerve Sheath Tumors, Ganglion Tumours and Neurenteric Cysts.- Esophageal Tumors. “This is a well‐organized, visually appealing, relatively quick‐to‐read resource meant for a wide audience, including pathologists, oncologists, radiologists, and surgeons. … it does effectively communicate the necessary perspectives. I especially recommend this book for practicing clinicians, as it provides a succinct update to the ever‐evolving diagnosis and management of mediastinal masses.” (Anna B Owczarczyk, Doody’s Book Reviews, June 07, 2019)​

Renato Franco, MD, PhD
Associate Professor
Pathology Unit
Mental and Physic Health and Preventive Medicine Dpt
Università della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli
Napoli, Italy
Federica Zito Marino, BD
Pathology Unit
Mental and Physic Health and Preventive Medicine Dpt
Università della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli
Napoli, Italy
Antonio Giordano MD, PhD  
Director Sbarro Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine and Center of Biotechnology   
College of Science and Technology
Temple University 
Philadelphia, PA
This book discusses the main approaches for mediastinal mass diagnosis and treatment, whose different aspects have been thoroughly treated by a multidisciplinary team of experts from different clinical fields. The complex anatomy of the mediastinum, as well as the different clinical, radiographic and prognostic features of mediastinal tumors suggests that specialists adopt more flexible and comprehensive practices, as highlighted in this text. The book includes a brief introductory section describing the anatomic sites of mediastinal masses and the epidemiological evidence for each different clinical-pathological entity. In particular, specific chapters are dedicated to thymic tumors, lymphomas, thyroid and parathyroid masses, and germ cell tumors of the anterior mediastinum.
The Mediastinal Mass: A Multidisciplinary Approach provides a valuable resource for clinicians, surgeons, radiologists and pathologists dealing with the management and treatment of mediastinal masses through a multidisciplinary approach.

Provides a comprehensive review of the mediastinal tumors

Written by experts in the field
Provides a multidisciplinary approach