Tuberculous Meningitis: Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy, 2020 Publication Date: April 1, 2020

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Jerome H. Chin

Tuberculous Meningitis: Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy focuses on the most common and most lethal manifestation of tuberculosis of the central nervous system. It includes up-to-date reviews of the clinical diagnosis, treatment, and management of tuberculous meningitis in adults and children, and summarizes national and international guidelines in tabular format. Clinicians and researchers will find the beginning chapters on microbiology, immunopathology, and epidemiology of great use in their efforts to better understand and identify new treatments of tuberculous meningitis.
Includes international contributors from countries most affected by TBM
Addresses the global and regional epidemiology of tuberculosis
Compares TBM presentation in children and adults
Covers HIV co-infection and its implications
Examines differential diagnoses