Anesthesia and Perioperative Care for Organ Transplantation

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Sakai, Tetsuro

This comprehensive textbook, covering all aspects of the perioperative management of patients undergoing organ transplantation, serves as the standard reference for clinicians who care for transplant patients on a day-to-day basis as well as those who encounter organ transplantation only occasionally in their clinical practice. Anesthesia and Perioperative Care for Organ Transplantation covers transplantation of the heart, lung, liver, pancreas, and kidney, as well as multivisceral and composite tissue graft transplantations. For each kind of transplantation, the full spectrum of perioperative considerations is addressed: preoperative preparation, intraoperative anesthesia management, surgical techniques, and postoperative care. Each chapter contains evidence-based recommendations, relevant society guidelines, management algorithms, and institutional protocols as tables, flow diagrams, and figures. Photographs demonstrating surgical techniques, anesthesia procedures, and perfusion management are included. Anesthesia and Perioperative Care for Organ Transplantation is for anesthesiologists and critical care physicians; transplantation surgeons; nurse anesthetists; ICU nurses; and trainees.​​

Part I: General Topics
1 Ethical Considerations for Organ Transplantation
Aviva L. Katz
2 Prevention of Perioperative Infections in Organ Transplant Recipients
Reem Almaghrabi, Cornelius J Clancy, and M. Hong Nguyen
3 Donation after Cardiac Death
Emily B. Ahmed and Anthony M. D’Alessandro
4 Living Related Organ Transplantations
Paolo Feltracco and Carlo Ori
5 Intensive Care of the Deceased Multiorgan Donor: One Donor, Nine Lives
Laveena Munshi and Raghavan Murugan
6 Anesthetic Management of Donor Organ Retrieval in a Multiorgan Donor
Wendy A. Haft and Andrew Walter Murray 
Part II: Lung Transplantation
7 Preoperative Evaluation and Preparation for Lung Transplantation
Matthew R. Morrell and Joseph M. Pilewski
8 Bilateral Sequential Lung Transplantation: What the Anesthesiologist Needs to Know About the Surgical Approach
J. W. Awori Hayanga, Ernest G. Chan, Norihisa Shigemura, and Jonathan D’Cunha
9 Anesthetic Management for Lung Transplantation
Michael L. Boisen, Andréa R. Xavier, and Kathirvel Subramaniam
10 Postoperative Critical Care of Lung Transplant Patients
J. Mauricio Del Rio, Mani A. Daneshmand, and Matthew G. Hartwig
Part III: Heart Transplantation
11 Heart Transplant Patient Selection and Preparation
Brent C. Lampert and Ravi Ramani
12 Surgical Techniques of Heart Transplantation and Heart–Lung Transplantation
Arie Blitz
13 Anesthetic Management of Cardiac Transplantation
<shiva sale="" and="" anand="" lakshminarasimachar14 Postoperative Care of Heart Transplant Patients

Sara Jane Allen and David Sidebotham
Part IV: Special Considerations for Thoracic Transplantation
15 Perioperative Management of Pulmonary Hypertension
Soheyla Nazarnia
16 Extracorporeal Life Support following Thoracic Organ Transplantation
David Sidebotham
17 Perfusion Management for Thoracic Transplantation Surgery
Justin N. Tawil, Sarah Zygmuncik, and Kathirvel Subramaniam
18 Anesthesia for Noncardiac Surgery following Thoracic Organ Transplantation
Joshua S. Baisden
Part V: Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation
19 Kidney Transplantation: Overview
Ebube Bakosi, Emily Bakosi, and Ron Shapiro
20 Preoperative Recipient Evaluation and Preparation (Kidney)
Elif Cingi, David S. Beebe, James Vail Harmon, Jr, and Kumar Belani
21 Anatomy and Surgical Procedures for Renal and Pancreas Transplantations
Amit D. Tevar

22 Anesthesia and Intraoperative Management of Renal Transplantation

Hendrikus J. M. Lemmens and Jerry Ingrande
23 Postoperative Care of Renal Transplant Recipients
Abhijit Naik, Michelle A. Josephson, and Woojin James Chon
24 Anesthetic Management of Patients Undergoing Pancreas Transplantation
David S. Beebe, Elif Cingi, James Vail Harmon, Jr, and Kumar Belani
Part VI: Liver Transplantation
25 Liver Transplantation: Historical Perspective
Yoogoo Kang
26 Preoperative Liver Recipient Evaluation and Preparation
Haq Nawaz and Kapil Chopra
27 Anatomy and Surgical Procedures of Liver Transplantation

Hwai-Ding Lam and Abhinav Humar
28 Liver Transplantation Anesthesiology
Tetsuro Sakai
29 Postoperative Care of the Liver Transplant Recipient
Krishna N. Parekh, Jerome C. Crowley, and Linda L. Liu
30 Multiorgan Transplantation Including the Liver
Geraldine C. Diaz

31 General Anesthesia for the Patient with End-stage Liver Disease and Post Liver Transplantation

Alexander Hoetzel
Part VII: Special Issues in Liver Transplantation
32 Acute Liver Failure: Perioperative Management
Shushma Aggarwal, George V. Mazariegos, and Deanna Blisard<
33 Portopulmonary Hypertension and Hepatopulmonary Syndrome
Michael Ramsay
34 Renal Dysfunction in Hepatic Failure
Ibtesam A. Hilmi and Ali R. Abdullah

35 Cirrhotic Cardiomyopathy and Liver Transplantation
Enrico Maria Zardi, Domenico Maria Zardi, Aldo Dobrina, and Antonio Abbate
36 Coagulation Abnormality and Its Management
Andre M. De Wolf
37 Simulation: In Anesthesia for Liver Transplantation
< Shushma Aggarwal, Charles D. Boucek, and Daniela Damian
Part VIII: Multivisceral Transplantation
38 The Historic Evolution of Intestinal and Multivisceral Transplantation
Ahmed Nassar, Masato Fujiki, Ajai Khanna, Koji Hashimoto, Cristiano Quintini, Guilherme Costa, and Kareem Abu-Elmagd
39 Technical Innovation and Visceral Transplantation
Masato Fujiki, Koji Hashimoto, Ajai Khanna, Cristiano Quintini, Guilherme Costa, and Kareem Abu-Elmagd
40 Preoperative Recipient Evaluation for Visceral (Intestine, Intestine/Liver, Multivisceral) Transplantation Hiroshi Sogawa

41 Anesthesia for Multivisceral Transplantation
Edward Gologorsky and Kyota Fukazawa
42 Multivisceral Transplantation: Intraoperative Vascular Access Strategy
Charles D. Boucek
43 Postoperative Management for Visceral (Intestine, Intestine/Liver, and Multivisceral) Transplantation
Hiroshi Sogawa
Part IX: Composite Tissue Graft Transplantation
44 Reconstructive Transplantation: Evolution, Experience, Ethics and Emerging Concepts
Vijay S. Gorantla, Jan A. Plock, and Michael R. Davis
45 Reconstructive Transplantation: Program, Patient, Protocol, Policy, and Payer Considerations
Vijay S. Gorantla, Jan A. Plock, and Michael R. Davis
46 Anesthesia for Composite Tissue Allografts
Raymond M. Planinsic

47 Postoperative Management of Composite Tissue Graft Transplantation
Ayan Sen, Rula T. Al-Baghdadi, and Ali Al-Khafaji

“This textbook easily meets the criteria to be an authoritative, clinically relevant, comprehensive, and practical reference for transplant clinicians, including anesthesiologists, intensivists, nurses, physician assistants, and trainees. The content is well researched, organized, well written, and is largely evidence based. This resource presents a formidable alternative to similar available reference works in adult solid organ transplantation and may be considered a valuable addition to a departmental or personal educational collection.” (Roman Schumann, Anestesia & Analgesia, Vol. 125 (6), December, 2017)

“This textbook is truly a multidisciplinary collaboration of perioperative transplant management, offering a balance between relevant science underpinning clinical care and expert clinical insight. … I would recommend this book to all clinicians caring for patients undergoing organ transplantation. Dr. Starzl concluded that ‘this book would serve as an authentic reference’ for both the novice and experienced clinician. I think he was right.” (Sonja Payne, Canadian Journal of Anesthesia, March, 2017)

“This is a comprehensive, evidence-based overview of the historical, perioperative, and intraoperative considerations in transplant anesthesia. … targeted at those who care for patients undergoing transplant, with a focus on anesthesia concerns. It has an appropriate focus and amount of detail for residents, fellows, midlevel/CRNA providers, and attending practitioners. … an excellent addition to the transplant literature, providing anesthesia and critical care perspectives for an area in which much of the literature is focused strictly on surgical or medical topics.” (Kelly M. Collins, Doody’s Book Reviews, February, 2017)

Kathirvel Subramaniam, MD, MPH
Department of Anesthesiology
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Tetsuro Sakai, MD, PhD
Department of Anesthesiology
The Clinical and Translational Science Institute
The McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

First book on the perioperative management of the organ transplant patient 

Edited and written by leading experts 
Covers transplantation of the heart, lung, liver, pancreas, and kidney, as well as multivisceral and composite tissue graft transplantation
Addresses management of the donor 
Evidence-based recommendations, society guidelines, management algorithms, and institutional protocols integrated into each chapter