Free Fatty Acid Receptors

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Milligan, Graeme

This book highlights the important role free fatty acids (FFA) play as potential drug targets. While FFA have long been considered byproducts of cell metabolism, they are now recognized as ligands that regulate cell and tissue function via G-protein-coupled receptors. At least three receptors have been identified for which FFA appear to be the endogenous ligands.

Ligands at Free Fatty Acid Receptor 1 (GPR40).- Ligands at Free Fatty Acid Receptor 2/3 (GPR43)/GPR41.- Ligands at GPR84.- Ligands at Free Fatty Acid Receptor 4 (GPR120).- Homology modelling of FFA receptors.- Sensors for FFA receptors.- Key questions for translation of FFA receptors from pharmacology to medicines.- Polymorphic variation in FFA receptors. Functions and consequences.- The role and future of FFA1 as a therapeutic target.- Gut hormone regulation and secretion via FFA1 and FFA4.- The role of FFA2 and FFA3 in metabolic regulation.- Anti-inflammatory and insulin sensitizing effects of free fatty acid receptors.- Free Fatty Acid receptors and cancer. 

This is the first book that brings together information on the pharmacology and function of the full range of receptors that are activated by free fatty acids

Provides a focus on both the available ligands for these receptors, their potential therapeutic targets and the progress towards clinical development

Gives an authoritative account of latest findings in this field of research internationally