Medication-Resistant Epilepsy: Diagnosis and Treatment, 2020 Publication Date: October 15, 2020

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John M. Stern

Fifty million people worldwide have epilepsy and yet up to 35% of patients experience seizures that are resistant to anti-epileptic drugs. Patients with medication-resistant epilepsy have increased risks of premature death, psychosocial dysfunction and a reduced quality of life. This key resource delivers guidance for all clinicians involved in caring for patients with medication-resistant epilepsy in order to reduce these risks. Covering the epidemiology, biology, causes and potential treatments for medication-resistant epilepsy, this definitive and focused text reviews the clinical care needs of patients. Guidance is practical and includes treatment for specialized groups including pediatric patients and those with psychiatric comorbidities. Several promising non-pharmacologic interventions available for patients, such as surgery, neuromodulation diet therapy and botanical treatment are explored in detail. Leading international figures from a range of disciplines bring their expertise together holistically in this essential manual.