Progress in the Chemistry of Organic Natural Products 105

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Kinghorn, A. Douglas

The first contribution reviews the occurrence of xanthine alkaloids in the plant kingdom and the elucidation of the caffeine biosynthesis pathway, providing details of the N-methyltransferases, belonging to the motif B’ methyltransferase family which catalyze three steps in the four step pathway leading from xanthosine to caffeine. The second contribution in this book provides a background on the molecule and related compounds and update knowledge on the most recent advances in Iboga alkaloids.  The third contribution presents a comprehensive analysis of frequently occurring errors with respect to 13C NMR spectroscopic data and proposes a straightforward protocol to eliminate a high percentage of the most obvious errors. Xanthine Alkaloids: occurrence, biosynthesis, and function in plants.- The Iboga Alkaloids.- A critical evaluation of the quality of published 13C-NMR-Data in natural product chemistry.

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