Main challenges in poultry farming. Newcastle disease

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Choi, Kang-Seuk

Newcastle disease is a contagious bird disease that affects many domestic and wild avian species in which has a great economic and ecologic impact. Besides, it is transmissible to humans, so that it is convenient to extreme caution and to take appropriate measures to avoid its spreading. This disease supposes a worldwide severe problem in lots of countries in which it has not been completely controlled, thus it is essential to know the most important features which make it very dangerous in poultry farming. Moreover, it has been used as an anticancer agent and a potential biological weapon, so that researches with this virus have been numerous in the last decades. Generally speaking, in veterinary medicine, it is necessary to perform an updated and gra-phic review about it. To make it easier, the author, a prestigious specialist in this field, has developed a thorough study in a didactic and visual way. The inclusion of images, tables, graphs and even flowcharts focuses the reader?s attention on this topic. These graphic resources are accompanied by a short text to make the handbook understandable. Thanks to this information, the veterinarians will get an overview of the disease and this tool will help them to know and tackle the disease successfully day after day.